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  1. monique says:

    I realy like this idea i think it will do great for me and also many others.


  2. after seeking the holy spirit i received a great assurance that everything will be okay


  3. neguskelly says:

    I need a change in life


  4. colleen simmonds says:

    i am ready to receive my blessings and a change in my life…. c.simmonds


  5. nakesha says:

    I am ready for a change.


  6. Nyka says:

    Good job “ineedachange.com”. Transforming lives across the globe!


  7. venetia crawford says:

    I need a total deliverance in my financial life


  8. marva says:

    My 40 days& 40 night fasting from the world and to walk with jesus was not a easy one, but trough it all i get result, i was able to put my past behind me! Person that has hurt me, came around to say if they have cause me pain, they were sorry, verry sorry and for that the lord has open a new door in my life, so i can go forward! My sacrifice has paid off in that area of over coming the enemy amen! My spiritual life has been bless, have faith as never before thanks to pr kevin & pr leo of the falmouth UCKG branch, God blessings


  9. marlene says:

    i need total deliverance in my financial life and my family to be free form all evil and to save my common-law-husband and childern to travel in usa


  10. Tameka Thomas says:

    I am looking forward to this change.


  11. I am looking forward to reading this book. I read book 1 and cannot wait for March 28th to get this book. I will also be sending a copy to family abroad.


  12. Jeniffer Leslie says:

    Good Job, I Mr. & Mrs. Leslie is need of a change completely, financially, materiall, spirituall, physically, our complete family is in need of a change.


  13. Gift sihlangu says:

    I learned that I have to HUNGER for the HOLY SPIRIT everyday
    I HUNGERED and was thirsty for the HOLY SPIRIT and shortly after doing that I received the HOLY SPIRIT.


  14. Carabel Harding Green says:

    I need a change in my
    life a real change and
    i know it can happen


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